Modelling the Enterprise to Respond Faster to Market Demands

Apresentação (em inglês) no Building Business Capability-BBC 2015, conferência mundial do IIBA, em Las Vegas

In today's business environment, agility and readiness to change are simple the most important aspects for successful strategies. As Darwin once said, "It's not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change". But how can an enterprise be responsible? How can an organization be able to keep pace with a fast moving business environment and overcome its competitors? Enterprise architecture models present a way to set the organization's actual state, the intended to-be state, and the path to reach its endeavoured future. This presentation shows how to employ TOGAF, ArchiMate, Glossary and Concept Models, Decision Models and Process Models to take a grip on complexity, and provide business strategists and management with tools to handle an ever-changing environment, were strategic and operational decisions can represent the life or death of the company, with no time for regrets.
What Attendees Will Learn:
  • How to apply enterprise modelling to a real business situation
  • How enterprise architecture helps a company to cope with speed of change
  • How ArchiMate can integrate with processes, decisions and data modelling languages
  • How to leverage EA models to real business models
Centus Consultoria,
26 de mai. de 2017 08:05